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Frequently asked questions

Is Amurco Music pre-cleared?

Yes, all our music is pre-cleared for usage; Amurco is a one-stop-shop for supervisors, editors, creators and brands. 

Where can I listen to Amurco’s music?

We think our music is amazing but don’t just take our word for it, take a listen here.

If you need something more specific, please get in touch with our Head of Licensing, Max, who will be happy to help:

How much is a licence?

Licence fees vary depending on your project and requirements, but feel free to have a chat with our friendly team who can tailor a quote to suit your needs; 

What does ‘Licence Inclusive’ mean?

Sometimes referred to as ‘royalty free’ or ‘directly licensed’. This is a type of license model in which the copyright owner (writers, performers, producers, artists) does not receive royalties from performing rights societies (e.g. PRS, ASCAP, GEMA) for the music uses generated by those licences. The music user only has to pay the Licensor (Amruco) a fee for a licence to use the music*; Amurco handles paying the copyright owner from these fees. This does not mean the music is low quality, Amurco’s library showcases the best independent talent from the likes of Grammy and Ivor Novello winners and nominees.

* It is always prudent to consult a copyright lawyer before commencing music usage on a licence inclusive basis in your territory. 

What is ‘Rights Managed’ music?

Amurco can also provide licences for a vast catalogue of music which falls under a more traditional model whereby uses generate royalties for copyright owners through the performing rights societies globally.