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At Amurco, we put our artists first.


Are you curious about syncing your music but have no idea where to start? Let Amurco help. We work with networks, producers and advertisers all over the world and our world-class music and marketing teams are on hand to pitch your tracks to the right productions. We always put the artist first, therefore, if your music gets picked up by any of these entities, we offer a transparent and fair deal of 50/50 revenue split between the artist and ourselves.

Publishing Administration

Want to ensure your royalties are collected globally and accounted back to you directly without the headache? Amurco has you covered. We have agreements with the world’s biggest collection societies meaning you can receive your publishing royalties quickly, easily and without the hassle of you getting a membership in every country. Get in touch to find out more.

Music Mastering

Are your tracks lacking that broadcast quality? Don’t spend silly money on pay-by-the-hour studio mastering services. Use our affordable and competitive mastering to make sure your label submissions have the best chance of knocking that exec’s socks off.

£29.99 per track (single track)
£26.99 per track (4 track EP)
£24.99 per track (album up to 12 tracks)


Amurco is made up of a team of music lovers and our passion for the industry is at our very core. With over 25+ years in the industry, our team are happy to assist you with any queries or concerns you have across all areas of the music industry. This also includes consultancy for your music ventures.

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